Housecleaning is a chore that many people don’t enjoy. However, having a clean home promotes health and wellness. Because we rush through tidying up, there are often overlooked areas. When spring cleaning the home, be sure to check these commonly missed places to do a thorough job.

Under the Refrigerator

You work hard to get the refrigerator spotless on the inside, wiping down shelves and scrubbing the walls. However, the space beneath the fridge is often forgotten.

Clean the floor under your appliance and vacuum the coils. The refrigerator coils release heat generated from the appliance’s operation. Keeping them clean helps the fridge run more efficiently and extends its lifespan.

Spring Cleaning the Home: Underneath Sofa Cushions

After cleaning the sofa’s surface, don’t forget to vacuum beneath the cushions. Crumbs, pet fur, trash, and other small items are sometimes trapped under the couch cushions. You can quickly and easily remove the cushions and clean the area beneath.

Cleaning Under Furniture and Appliances

Unless you rearrange your home frequently, you aren’t likely to move furniture and appliances to clean beneath them. Dust, dirt, pet fur, and other debris will accumulate under the appliances and furniture over time.

Get a family member to help move large furniture during spring cleaning so you can vacuum and mop under these pieces. Thorough cleaning gets the floors sparkling clean and reduces allergens in your home.

Wash the Shower Curtain Liner When Spring Cleaning the Home

The bathroom is a damp and humid environment conducive to mold and mildew growth. Clean the shower curtain regularly with a disinfectant solution or, if it is machine washable, toss it in with the laundry. Your shower curtain will look new, and you’ll reduce odors and the likelihood of mold forming in the bathroom.

Dishwasher and Washing Machines

We use household appliances to clean our laundry and dishes, but we don’t often take the time to clean inside the machines. Clean the dishwasher’s filter and check the sprayer arms for food particles. Keeping these areas clean allows the machine to work more efficiently and results in cleaner dishes.

In the washing machine, clean the filter and run a wash cycle with chlorine bleach or vinegar. This kills germs and eliminates odors. After running the machine, leave the door open to allow it to dry completely. Your clothes will be cleaner and smell fresher.

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