The roof of your home is an expensive investment. It needs to be strong and durable to protect your family, belongings, and the structure of the building from the elements. Regular inspections and repairs can keep your roof in excellent shape. Annual roof maintenance involves periodically examining the roof and performing the necessary upkeep.

1. Clean the Roof

Over time, organic material will grow on the roof, making it appear dirty and discolored and causing damage to the shingles. While moss and algae won’t cause immediate problems, ignoring them will lead to the shingles rotting. Clean the shingles with water and bleach to get rid of growth.

2. Remove Debris from the Gutters

Blocked gutters overflow in a rainstorm, causing rainwater to seep under your roof’s materials. When clogs occur, the water remains stagnant in the gutter trough, leading to water damage and rot. Cleaning the gutters at least twice each year is essential to roof maintenance.

3. Inspect the Roof for Pest Infestation

Damaged or deteriorated areas are easy access points for insects, rodents, bats, and raccoons. Address any pest infestation quickly to prevent damage to the roof structure and materials. Inspect the roof and attic to verify pests aren’t making a home there.

4. Annual Roof Maintenance: Replace Damaged Shingles

With age, shingles can loosen, break, and fall off. Cracks and spaces in the materials allow rainwater to affect the roofing, causing leaks and rotting. To prevent damage, inspect your roof at least once a year for missing or damaged shingles. Replace damaged materials. It may be time for a roof replacement if you have large patches of missing or broken shingles.

5. Reseal and Caulk Around Pipes and Vents

Any opening, such as pipes, vents, skylights, and chimneys, leaves your roof vulnerable. Check the seal around these areas and reseal them, if necessary, with roofing tar or caulking to close gaps and reduce moisture infiltration.

6. Hire a Professional to Conduct Annual Roof Maintenance

If you are unsure how to maintain your roof, hire a pro. A professional roofing contractor can thoroughly inspect the roof to ensure the structure is in excellent condition. Hire a trained roofer so you won’t overlook issues with the materials and for your own safety. A pro has the right tools and equipment to safely inspect and repair the roof.

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