The garage is one of the most versatile spaces in the average home, as you can arrange it in endless ways to suit your hobbies and your storage needs. However, the space can only be useful if you have the garage organization systems to make the most of it. Here are some of our best tips for garage storage that work.

Start By Cleaning Things First

Without a clean slate to start your garage organization project, it can be hard to do a thorough job. Take time to clear out the garage entirely and remove anything you need to donate or throw away. Dispose of anything broken or expired, in line with any local regulations. Once everything is cleared out and sorted, you can organize the space.

Avoid Using the Floor for Garage Storage

When you start the garage organization process, choose storage options that keep as many things as possible off of the floor. The garage can attract pests, mainly if you store pantry items, wood, or other things that could be nesting material. When things are on the ground, mice may settle in your garage and eventually move into your home. Shelving, cabinets, and vertical storage are all great options to keep things off the ground.

Prioritize Vertical Garage Storage

Vertical storage is a great choice, particularly when moving things off of the ground and using the space as intelligently as possible. Some of the most popular vertical garage organization systems include:

    • Panel systems, which are securely mounted directly to the wall so that you can use as much of the surface area as possible and also hang heavier items
    • Pegboard is the easiest to install without the help of a professional and can hold a lot of tools, lightweight items, and larger objects like rakes.
    • Track-based systems that are securely attached to the studs inside of your garage walls to hold heavy items

Keep Track of Your Tools When You Choose Garage Organization Systems

If you have a lot of tools or other hobby equipment that you will be keeping in your garage, come up with a garage organization system that keeps them perfectly organized. Using pegboard in your garage lets you outline where each tool is mounted or hung with painter’s tape, permanent marker, or paint. These labels help keep your tools organized.

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